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8 Outstanding FPS GameFi Projects by Chainplay

25 October, 2022

🔫 Shooter Video Games, a subgenre of Action Video Games, places a heavy emphasis on using the player’s available weapons, usually long-range combined with ammunition, to destroy the adversaries of the main character’s faction. One of its subgenres is the intriguing First-person shooter (FPS), with the player directly experiencing the protagonist’s perspective and action, while controlling them in a 3D space. This subgenre has greatly caught attention of the players who crave thrilling adventures and seek to hone their reflex and improvisation.

To increase the diversity with the “fun” being put on top, many GameFi projects have developed and taken a different approach to this subgenre. Let’s discover what else they have as their selling points.



Having their beta launched in January 2021 and already attracting over 400,000 registered users, has proven to be a project with massive potential. The game embraces the tradition by taking their inspiration from “Bungee-style” shooters like Halo, with vibrant retro graphics combined with nostalgic gameplay. Players will need to level their characters, weapons, and skins to battle in 23 playable maps, and also increase their “Power Level” to have more chances in earning tokens and playability.

One major point that helped to gain a large number of enthusiasts is that the game is designed to play directly on the browser, with no downloads or installs required. Crypto and GameFi beginners could take this game as their first approach to this magnificent world. With their first event announced via the Istanbul Blockchain week in November, will only continue to surprise this industry and their supporters.


Cre: Metastrike

Metastrike is an FPS Multiplayer GameFi project with a great investment in gameplay style and graphics, combined with numerous crucial and complex shooting game elements. Players can let their creativity fly high with the ability to customize weapons, equipment, and costumes to their liking. The game also supports VR features, further enhancing the realistic and thrilling experience of the survival journey.

💎Polygonum Online

Cre: Polygonum Online

Polygonum Online is a wonderful combination of Game, DeFi, Crypto, NFT Marketplace, and open world. Players are free to explore three main areas: FARM zone (safe area), PVE zone (pseudo safe area), and PVP zone (danger area), with the whole in-game economy under their control. Survivors in this world filled with zombies will have their hands full with all sorts of interesting tasks to do, from crafting, trading, and quests, to battles and resource extraction.

💎The Killbox

Cre: The Killbox

Competitive players might be looking forward to this project. The Killbox makes a fierce 360-degree battlefield with VR components, and various gameplay modes for shooters to fighting their way to the top. Players assemble their own elite squad, trade and upgrade their weapons to participate in multiple competitions, and claim their rightful rewards.

💎Rage Effect

Cre: Rage Effect

Being the first AAA-graphics Free-to-play MMO Shooter on the Solana blockchain, Rage Effect brings multiple gameplay modes, free customization of in-game assets, battle arenas, with the in-game economy completely under players’ control. The game encourages teamwork, leadership, and creative thinking through world exploration, battle strategies, and PVP game modes.


Cre: Arsenal

Arsenal is a part of the large Fabwelt Metaverse with a “Counter-Strike” appearance and is fully integrated with blockchain technology. The core gameplay is still to outgun the opponent and kill to win like many other FPS games. However, their unique take includes creative equipment to inflict buffs and debuffs to both parties, making unpredictable movements that could sway the battle.


Cre: Afterland

The stylized graphics Afterland displaying will open a brand-new adventure where players team up with others to raid dungeons, collect weapons, fight monsters, and many more activities await. With only one life to go, players will need to carefully calculate their next steps. The in-game economy system also allows owning machines, houses, and trade resources to create a lively marketplace.

💎MASD Games

Cre: MASD Games

MASD Games has simple game modes and a clear objective: survival with two bare hands. However, their take on the FPS genre is unique to their own. The development team shows genuine passion in making this game to be both fun to play and easy to earn, as well as striving to create a dynamic environment and large game world for long-term roadmaps and a loyal community.

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