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Arcadia Open 2022 Officially Started! Day 1 – Arca Fest

8 December, 2022

๐Ÿค– We wish you a day full of โ€œarcadeโ€! Because the Arcadia Open 2022 has officially entered their first day!

Today in Arca Fest, we will play Arca Crowd and Arca Ball together. Up to 4 players can join Arca Crowd in PvP mode. You will collect as many white ghosts as possible to clash with your opponents and assert dominance! Arca Ball is quite relaxing compared to the previous game, but are they really? In this game, you need to shoot as many hoops as you can. But the longer you play, the harder it gets!

Losing already? Worry not! Each player gets 15 tries per game, so letโ€™s take revenge on your failure!

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