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Arena of Valor’s Fierce Guild War Welcomes DJINN Guild!

15 September, 2022

⚔️ Arena of Valor’s War of the game Guilds is a tournament hosted by T-Rex Arena and sponsored by Garena and Community Leaders. 14 game guilds divided into 4 tables will clash in this battle and utilize their gaming skills to become the champion of the tournament!

❌ Rules:

  • Each table will compete in the BO1 elimination round match style.
  • The first and second rank of each table will move to the next quarter-final round tomorrow (September 16th).

🧞‍♂️DJINN Guild will enter the first route starting today. Let’s cheer for our talented guild members!
🗓 Date & Time: September 15th, 8:00 PM (UTC+7)

🌐 T-Rex’s Discord: Here

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🎯DJINN Guild: Website | Linktree | Whitepaper