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Djinn Guild: Download, Install and Play Ascenders – A Guide

26 October, 2022

⚔️ Ascenders is an action role-playing game powered by the Avalanche blockchain. The game features breathtaking graphics of the vast open world, creative combat strategies, and an enhanced in-game economic environment. This gives players an all-rounded experience of what a fun and creative game are all about.

👇 Please follow the steps below to know how to download and begin to explore this wonderful game!!!

1/ Go to The web will show a display.


2/ On the top right corner of the screen, click Download, then choose the Download option for your device


3/ After the download completed, open this file “Ascenders_CombatMiniGame_RELEASE_Windows” and choose the icon name “Ascenders_CombatDemo” to start this game

Cre: Djinn Guild

4/ The game screen appear, click “Play” to enjoy it

Cre: Ascenders

GLHF Djinnies 😘

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