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DJINN Guild Ecosystem

4 September, 2022

☃️ In recent months, the crypto industry has been through a “crypto winter” with many fluctuations in the current market condition. Despite the market downtrend, DJINN Guild has been operating well and is experiencing significant growth. 

 🌟Through a wide range of activities and participation in various blockchain events/conferences around the globe, DJINN Guild’s development progress is on a fast momentum. It is highly anticipated to become one of the most looked-forward projects in the blockchain industry in Vietnam.   

🌟 Apart from DJINN Guild’s special scholarship program, we have our own organic community along with outstanding facilities. This helps construct DJINN Guild’s ecosystem and expand it further. With high hopes and loads of actions, we aim to bring about an amazing gaming experience and offer an ultimate destination for true gamers.

 Stick together with us on our upcoming journey and experience a never-before-seen comprehensive gaming ecosystem 💖!

🎁 Don’t forget to join our Airdrop Campaign with many promising rewards: Triple-A Airdrop Campaign & Mid-Autumn Festival Event

🎯DJINN Guild: Website | Linktree | Whitepaper