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Djinn Guild Research Report: Big Time

7 October, 2022

1-Key Takeaways

  • Big Time is a AAA (Game) Co-op Action RPG played from a third-person perspective built on Ethereum. Differing from the current norm in blockchain-based games, Big Time does not only provide a unique play-to-earn mechanism but is also free to play.
  • BIG TIME’s Game Play combines the fast action gameplay of God of War, mixed with World of Warcraft and Diablo’s co-op with lots of loot systems. The Timeline system allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and switch to the desired class.
  • Big Time Studios’ team includes former bright talents from Epic Games, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Decentraland.
  • Raise 21M through 2 rounds of funding – No Pre-sale Token (100% depends on the community – the only way to Earn is to participate directly in the Game. )
  • One of the Triple-A game integrating Blockchain, Top-Tier in the current projects is likely to lead the Gamefi niche in the later phase.
  • Excellent Access to Non-Crypto Users: Well-designed, detailed tutorials guide new players into the game.
  • With 2.1K Reddit users on Big Time’s subreddit and over 250K followers on Twitter, Big Time is gathering some hype. Here’s what we know so far.
  • The graphics and aesthetic are pleasing and of a high standard, and the gameplay appears smooth with depth.


  • Big Time is a AAA (Game) Co-op Action RPG played from a third-person perspective built on Ethereum. Differing from the current norm in blockchain-based games, Big Time does not only provide a unique play-to-earn mechanism but is also free to play.
  • BIG TIME’s Game Play combines fast action gameplay and co-op with lots of loot systems. The Timeline system allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and switch to the desired class
  •  Choose between 4 different classes players will battle alongside six other warriors to kill monstrous entities loot and get fighting to level up, get gear, develop your character, and earn NFTs.


  • You can either team up with other players or seek out dungeons and quests to complete. When you finish the mission, battle monsters, seize the loot, and gain XP, seek out another mission immediately! Loot will be divided between both in-game only and NFT items. Items, weapons…

4-Character Classes

Time Warrior (Barbarian)

Aggression – Brute force – Close-up carnage
  • The Time Warrior is an aggressive, front line fighter that wields melee weapons to deliver close up carnage.

Chronomancer (Mage)

Magic – Precision – Ranged destruction
  • The Chronomancer class uses the forces of the universe to destroy her enemies. The Quantum Staff is what makes this class so lethal at ranged damage. If you like keeping your enemies at a distance, the Chronomancer is the class for you.

Shadowblade (Ninja)

Stealth – Speed – A cunning death-dealer
  • The Shadowblade is an agile and stealthy melee fighter, dealing death to those who stand in the way. Wielding the Dual Blades, you’ll trade some defense for speed and slashing combo attacks.

Quantum Fixer (Medic)

Heal your friends, bring misery to your foes.
  • The Quantum Fixer is a masterful support class. Heal your allies, and bring misery to your enemies.This class is well-suited for clever, tactical playstyles. Muscle, magic, and stealth might not be enough to handle the challenges you face.

The Pocket Watch

  • The pocket watch is an in-game item that lets you switch classes while in-game. Pocket watches allow players to change character classes during gameplay. Skills, abilities, and equipment are saved to the Pocket watch, enabling you to progress through each class with whatever pace and style you prefer. So far, Big Time has four classes, namely Warrior, Chronomancer, Quantum, and Shadowblade.

5-NFT Game Assets

Big Time offers two types of NFTs in-game: Utility and  Cosmetic NFTs.

  • Utilities and add-on features are developed around SPACE NFT,
  • this is a way to participate in Earning Big Time tokens with genuine NFTs. Can be traded in and out of the game through the Vault. Integrated from On-chain to Off-chain.
  • Developers seem to indicate that most NFTs will be purely cosmetic, in order to avoid the “pay to win” situation from happening. Players will be able to earn and own these NFTs.
  • In addition to its built-in aesthetic value, SPACE NFT add-ons allow for the exploration of new worlds.

Utility NFTs

Time Machine

  • Time Machine is an item that the player will earn during the early phases of the game. Your kind of “room in the hotel” will allow you plenty of personalization (Portals, Extra rooms, crafting areas.)
  • Time Machine is also needed to unlock playable features and collect limited-edition NFTs.


  • SPACE, Big Time’s version of virtual land, is used as an expansion to your Time Machine. You can upgrade your Time Machine with the SPACE NFT (Extra space, extra features).
  • SPACE is obtainable through the game (very rare) or marketplace. Only a certain amount will be for sale out of the total supply, with the remaining ones distributed across the Big Time adventure.
  • There are 5 rarity levels including Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Exalted, and 3 sizes including Small, Medium and Large.
  • SPACE has a rarity and the larger size will provide more slots, which increases the production capacity and the rate of creation of quality items.
  • The current total supply for SPACE is set to 600,000 units.

The Forge

  • The Forge is your weapon skin production center. Produce rare weapon skins based on harvesting in-game items, and processing them through your Forge for upgraded weapon cosmetics.

The Time Wardens

Time Wardens are summoned into SPACE and may be purchased in-game or through the Marketplace. The Time Warden’s main purpose is to either create Hourglass NFTs or fill them back up.

Cosmetic NFTs

  • NFT will be used for aesthetic purposes only and will not affect gameplay or character strength at all. And unlike in web2 gaming, you’ll actually OWN your rare gear, allowing you to trade, buy, and sell with other players with real world value, as Big Time’s popularity grows.


  • Tokens are collected by battling enemies and completing quests in-game. Tokens can be used to purchase rare and exclusive cosmetic NFTs, reduce crafting times, and fix items in addition to their collecting value.
  • Big Time has repeatedly stated that the token will be entirely community-driven, with no pre-sale to anyone. This is great news and a wonderful reason to start playing right now, since it ensures that the system will be fair for all players.

7-ROI (Return On Investment)

Big Time offers Early Access to the game via VIP Pass NFTs. These passes allow players to play the game before the free-to-play global launch. There are Gold, Silver, Jade, and Ruby passes available for Early Access.  During Early Access, players can collect rare NFTs and experience the game first.

Cre: Big Time
  • At the time of writing, DJinn entered the Early Access version with the Jade VIP Pass (priced around $60-$80) Within a few weeks of playing, we obtained the Forge Mystery Box (currently priced around $60-$80). $160 from the time of writing). There are also lucky members looting Rare Space with a value of ~350$.
There are currently no specific statistics for the drop rate. And this is for reference only, not investment advice

8-Team & Studio

  • Big Time Studios has recruited an all-star team of game industry veterans from the likes of Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, and Riot. With Big Time recruiting leaders and experts in fields and seeking to be the game studio for the 21st century, it’s difficult to believe they won’t achieve that lofty goal. With names associated with NFT innovation, as well as some of the greatest games of all time, it is a sign that they have accomplished that.
  • Ari Meilich – CEO (Advisor & formerly CEO – Founder at Decentraland): Based in Uruguay, attended Universidad de Buenos Aires and Hunter College with his major in Philosophy and Neuroscience. Ari Meilich founded, a 3D virtual world browser platform. Decentraland made international news when land plots sold for as much as $2.4 million USD.
  • Thor Alexander – CPO & Co-Founder: With a rich experience in game development, virtual reality, and machine learning, he has worked as VP of Production at Decentraland, an executive at Zynga, and CEO at Lucky Puppy, LLC.
  • Matthew Tonks – CTO (Fortnight, Gears of War): Graduated from the University of Advancing Technology, majored in Software Engineering. He is also a Co-Founder at BitMonster since 2012; worked with Drifter Technology as Director of Technology and Epic Games as Senior AI Programmer.
  • Read more: Big Time – The Team

9-Backers/ Partners

  • Big Time has received $10.3 million in funding from FBG Capital, North Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda Research, Circle Financial, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures. In May of 2021, Big Time Studios is in the process of closing an $11 million additional round of funding. With a huge total raise over 2 rounds, BigTime has attracted the attention of the crypto community.


Now that BigTime has deployed Ruby Pass to the community, there will be a lot of exciting and promising new features coming soon.

11-Social Media

  • Big Time has a thriving, growing community of players and influencers as of Sep 20, 2022. Have 250K Twitter followers stay informed about the latest news. You can watch the latest gameplay in YouTube videos, and early adopters share strategies and insights in addition to sharing strategy and insights.
  • Big Time team actively interacts with the community
  • Mod always answers questions from the community, via AMA…
  • There are a lot of Streamers – KOLs are interested in Big Time


  • Big Time is a promising game being built by a great team and sits high up my list of blockchain games
  • The game looks and sounds great, and the visuals and graphics are of high quality. 
  • Big Time is one of the most promising blockchain games currently in development.
  • One of the Triple-A Game integrating Blockchain, Top-Tier in the current projects is likely to lead the Blockchain Games niche in the later phase.

DISCLAIMER: The materials and information on this website have been prepared or assembled by the Djinn Guild and are intended for informational purposes only. This is not, by any means, a recommendation to purchase tokens or any other assets. Any investment to be made in the projects are at your own risk as this is not financial advice. Some of the information may be dated and may not reflect the most current state of the crypto/GameFi industry.

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