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DJINN Guild Research Report: Revoland

9 September, 2022


  • Revoland is an e-sports game based on Blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, fight with others and earn token rewards with just your skill. Revoland’s gameplay is designed around a combination of your individual skill and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale, which come with monthly updates and cool rewards.


Flow : Get Hero ( F2P/P2E ) > Ingame Mode > Token > Exchange > Fiat.

Game mode :

  • Fruit Bash (3vs3 players): gather 10 holy fruits to win;
  • Bounty Hunter (6 players): defeat a player to obtain their bounty;
  • Doodle Dash (3vs3 players): work together with your teammates to cover as much ground as you can;
  • Altar Assault (3vs3 players): capture the Altar to win the game;
  • Clocktower (3vs3 players): lead your troops to destroy the enemy’s base. You can collect power ups to increase their level along the way.
  • Battle Square (10 players): a solo battle royale against 9 other players.
  • The number one way of making money in a P2E game, like Revoland, is being the top player out there! Defeat your enemies on the Revoland battlefield, spice up your Heroes, and score in-game $LAND tokens for your success!

Video Gameplay Compilation

3-NFT Assets

  • Revoland’s main asset is heroes. Free heroes do not count as NFTs and are not resellable through the marketplace. NFT heroes of other rarities can be found in mystery boxes.
  • The Rarity of a hero is decided the moment you open the hero mystery box. Heroes with a higher rarity have more unique playstyles, and abilities and will have a chance to get bonuses in battle rewards.
  • Each hero can also have a different skin rarity, which is a cosmetic item and doesn’t bring in-game benefits. The rarer the cosmetic, the better it looks. Skins can be normal, rare, or epic.
  • Heroes can be upgraded. When Revoland heroes are upgraded, they will yield higher rewards on the battlefield.
  • Heroes can sometimes be matched with pets. Pets NFTs on their own and can be purchased separately and found in mystery boxes.

Hero Level

  • Before joining the bounty match, hero level represents the base attributes of heroes at that Level. Players can level up hero from level 1 to level 10. After entering the battlefield, the initial level is 1, and the hero can upgrade the in-game level during the battle. The attributes of heroes in the game will increase according to the level of the character.


  • The Rarity of a hero is decided the moment you open the hero mystery box. Heroes with a higher rarity have more unique playstyles, abilities and will have a chance to get bonuses in battle rewards.
  • There are 3 different levels of rarity: Normal Hero, Rare Hero, Epic Hero.

Skin Rarity

  • Skin rarity is determined by the frequency of the skin in the selling pool. The rarer the cosmetic is, the better it looks like, with more visual effects and bonuses in battle rewards. There are 3 different levels of skin rarity: Normal Skin, Rare Skin, Epic Skin

Pet Rarity

  • Level up by consuming land tokens. Upgrading can improve the effect of pet skills, pets can provide heroes with additional special abilities, and three pets can be sent to participate in each battle. There are 3 different levels of Pet Rarity: Normal Pet, Rare Pet, Epic Pet.

4-Return On Investment (ROI)

Heroes LevelMatch per DayMatches WonReward of Each Matches Won ($LAND)Total Reward Everyday ($LAND)Avg SpiritSpirit due DaysRewarded $LAND on total Spirit (50% winrate)Token Price Total USDT received
  • Above is the R.O.I spreadsheet for each Hero’s level in Revoland.
  • This spreadsheet is calculated with a win rate of 50% and does not include any other influencing factor in the game such as skins, pets, etc..
  • The more you win, the faster the payback.

5-Game Studio

  • Chain X Game is focusing on traditional game + blockchain development. Operates Revoland, a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed to combine players’ individual techniques and teamwork to challenge themselves in multiple game modes. It is a direct-to-consumer firm. It was founded in 2021 and is based in London, England.


Revoland employs a duo-token economy, $LAND for in-game rewards, and $REVO for governance.

$LAND Token – Total supply: 100 Billion.

  • $LAND can be earned by playing the game. Once you earn them, you can claim them to your wallet.


  • Battle: The amount of $LAND bonus in each battle depends on the trophy class and hero rarity
  • Championship Road: When the number of crowns reaches a certain level, you can receive the corresponding LAND tokens
  • Ranking Rewards: Players can earn $LAND if they rank up


LAND Token ($LAND) is the main currency used in Revoland’s operations. $LAND is used in the following activities:

  • Hero and Skin Upgrade:upgrading heroes and skins can enhance attributes..
  • HP: Purchase HP for hero
  • Rewards to Streamers: $LAND can be used to reward streamers when they broadcast games.


The $10.6 million fundraise was led by HashKey Capital and Polygon Ventures alongside 14 other crypto venture capital firms. The list of backers includes Tian Ge Interactive, AKG Venture, LinkVC, Arcanum Capital, Atlas Capital, Crypto Nord, PlayPark, MX investment, One Block Capital, AW Capital, Phemex Venture, Winston International, Gene Vision and Yield Master.



  • Game System testing
  • Company Re-Structure


  • NFT Sale Starts
  • Collaboration with big IPs of NFT Launch


  • IDO / IGO
  • Community Development


  • Game Launch
  • REVO & LAND Listing


  • Esports event marketing
  • Media buy to convert web 2 users


  • Guild System Launch
  • REVO Listing in top centralized exchange


  • Global guild competition


  • Global roadshow and promotion
  • New version launch

9-Social Media

Twitter: 68k followers

Discord: 9.9k members

Telegram: 66k members

  • The game’s Discord and Telegram Group have quite good interaction with the community. Content and graphics in the game or events are always updated continuously.
  • The community is active, for example when the writer asks a question – community members answered and provided information very quickly without having to wait for the Admin. The discussion community is very active, especially about gameplay, rarely seeing questions related to tokens.
  • Twitter is not very interactive, mainly posts news and updates.

DISCLAIMER: The materials and information on this website have been prepared or assembled by the DJINN Guild and are intended for informational purposes only. This is not, by any means, a recommendation to purchase tokens or any other assets. Any investment to be made in the projects are at your own risk as this is not financial advice. Some of the information may be dated and may not reflect the most current state of the crypto/GameFi industry.

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