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Djinn Guild’s Monthly Highlights

2 November, 2022

🎉How are you guys doing, Djinnies?

❄️Despite the past month being considered “miserable” and “painful” for the crypto market, DJINN Guild has tried hard and brought about various remarkable achievements, as well as attained impressive growth. We’d like to send our deepest gratitude to our Djinnies for all your love and support.

As November has finally arrived, let’s take a look back to see what October had to offer.


✨Djinn Guild enters Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022

✨ Big Time’s Airdrop Giveaway

✨Winners List – Airdrop Giveaway: BIG TIME Ruby Pass

💎Partnership Announcement

✨Djinn Guild: Partnership Announcement with Haunted Space

✨Djinn Guild: Partnership Announcement with Koakuma

💎Research Report

✨ Djinn Guild Research Report: Big Time

💎Game Review

✨ Djinn Guild Game Review: Ascenders

✨Djinn Guild Game Review: SIDUS

✨Djinn Guild Game Review: Illuvium

✨Djinn Guild Game Review: Haunted Space

💎Gameplay Compilation

✨Djinn Guild: Koakuma Gameplay Compilation

✨Djinn Guild: Ascenders Gameplay Compilation


✨ Big Time Account Registration Through – A Guide

✨Djinn Guild: Download, Install and Play Ascenders – A Guide

Tips & Tricks For Playing Big Time Effectively

📗 Knowledge Library

📗 Knowledge Library: What is NFT and how high will it thrive

📗Knowledge Library: GameFi’s Common Terms You Can’t Miss (Part 3)
📗Knowledge Library: Get To Know Blockchain and Its Application To Our Daily Life

📗 Knowledge Library: What is NFT and how high will it thrive

📗 Knowledge Library: Outstanding Game Modes In GameFi Explained (Part 3)

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