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Djinn Guild’s Vision: Providing solutions and strategies for P2W

2 August, 2022

Although winning is not the ultimate goal, it still plays a crucial part in the thriving and prosperity of any pioneer gaming guild like DJINN Guild. Competing in a world full of potential, highly skilled game players could be a huge frustration to any new gamers and an insurmountable barrier preventing new beginners from furthering their in-game journey.

As one of the pioneers in the gaming guild sector, it is our mission to offer effective strategic solutions to members of the guild to ensure everyone is on the right track so that they can play and earn rewards in this newly emerged GameFi sector. With our huge library of knowledge that is accessible to all guild members along with the gaming experience of our core player team, DJINN Guild is confident to grow, accelerate, and be able to build a brighter future for not just the GameFi industry, but also for our members’ future career path in professional gaming.

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