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FOTA’s Inclusive Game Launch Event

16 August, 2022

Bring Up FOTA and Get DiscountCelebrate the FOTA game launch!

When it comes to NFTs, FOTA tokens offer a number of advantages. One is that they can be used to purchase NFTs at a discount!

🎁 Reward Paying Mechanism:

When you buy Hero NFT with FOTA tokens, you will receive 10% FOTA tokens back

⏰ Time:

Event Period: 16th August – 21th August, 2:05 PM UTC 2022

Distribution Date: 23th August – 27th August, UTC 2022

For example, if you purchase a NFT with total of $200 FOTA, you will receive $20 FOTA token back! This kind of discount can save buyers a significant amount of money, especially when purchasing multiple NFTs. 

Additionally, FOTA tokens can also be staked in order to earn interest on Hybrid Farming. This staking feature provides holders with a way to generate passive income from their investments!

🛒 FOTA’s Marketplace

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