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DJINN Guild: Gaming Tips For Playing MetaShooter

3 September, 2022

🔫 MetaShooter – the first decentralized blockchain-based unique hunting Metaverse that joins millions of hunting enthusiasts in a community where players can experience real hunting: Play in tournaments, multiplayer, and with stunning visuals with VR compatibility.

🔫3 game modes with points (counted per day for each required gun):

  • Shooting Range: Shoot the target.
  • Stand from a distance for a better view.
  • Observe the moving speed of the targets.
  •  Moving slowly but accurately will earn you more points than moving fastly and inaccurately without successfully hitting the target.
  • Farm Defense: Protect the sheeps from wolves.
  • Stand in the corner for a wider view.
  • Shoot first then observe the wolf’s movement speed.
  • Wolves will be running from the left direction, players can focus on that side to shoot.
  • Mallards Hunting: Shoot the birds.
  • This is a difficult game mode that requires a lot of practice.
  • Watch the speed of the projectile and the direction of the bird’s movement.
  • Bullets flying from the bottom to the top will have a rather slow speed.
  • Watch the birds fly in a straight line.

💥 Free game mode:

Open World: Hunting deers

  • Currently there are only 2 deers for 1 map as the game is not fully developed as a whole.
  • Run to brighter areas, preferably with lakes, often there will be deers there.
  • Do not approach the deers too close, they might run away.
  • Deers need to be shot twice to be fully finished.
  • When got hit by the first shot, the deers will run away from you 

=> You need to observe the deer’s running speed to fire the finishing shot precisely.

🎞 MetaShooter’s gameplay: Here

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