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How Djinn Guild contributes to the P2E economy

20 July, 2022

The play-to-earn game model is an emerging video game type model where players can monetize their time playing video games. As “Play-to-earn” is an emerging niche and so is GameFi, new players tend to hesitate to join the industry, especially when GameFi requires players to put in a specific amount of funds in order to join the games.

Understanding new players’ financial struggles exploring the metaverse, Djinn Guild acts as a facilitating intermediary by purchasing and lending in-game assets in NFTs or tokens to new players with little or no funds to play the game and immerse into the metaverse. We aim to drive as many users as possible toward blockchain and play-to-earn gaming. As GameFi is getting closer to mass adoption, it is our ultimate goal to make it happen faster with stronger impulsive momentum, as well as to boost the economy of the GameFi industry.

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