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How to Add BNB, Polygon, AVAX, and other networks on MetaMask

19 November, 2022

🦊 MetaMask is an online crypto wallet that operates originally on the Ethereum blockchain. This wallet is accessible through a browser extension on many browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera. Additionally, a mobile version was released to make it “portable” for users to control their wallets anywhere. MetaMask is now integrated with many different blockchains. And with the security feature of Private Key, this wallet has become the most popular decentralized wallet with over 21 million users as of now.

In the previous episode, we introduced MetaMask and how to create a MetaMask wallet. Now, we will guide you on how to add networks to your wallet in two methods.


💎1. Add a network manually

Step 1: Open the MetaMask window on your browser and click the dropdown arrow on the right side of “Ethereum Mainnet”. Here you can see all the networks that you have added. If there is none, then Ethereum is your default network.

Click “Add network”.

Here you will see a list of popular networks as recommendations. Click “Add a network manually”.

Step 2: They require some information including:

  • Network name: You can customize the name of the network so it would be easy to recognize.
  • New RPC URL: This acts as the entry point into the Blockchain.
  • Chain ID: A unique ID number provided by the Blockchain network you want to connect with
  • Currency Symbol: The symbol of the crypto used on said network.
  • Block Explorer URL: This is an optional parameter that provides an URL used to access Block Explorer. You might need this feature if you want to get detailed information related to transactions.

We will start by adding the BNB network. Fill this information in and click “Save”.

  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block explorer URL:

When the screen shows as below, you have successfully added BNB Smart Chain and MetaMask will automatically switch to this network, as shown in the top right corner.

💎2. Add Network via Chainlist

🔗 Chainlist is a list of multiple EVM networks. Users can use the information found here to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the appropriate chain ID and network ID to connect to the correct chain. Using Chainlist helps you to add networks to your wallet more quickly and conveniently compared to manual work.

Step 1: Access Chainlist via this link: 

You can see a list of both mainnet and testnet networks on the right. In this guide, search “Polygon”.

Step 3: MetaMask window will pop up and ask twice if you would like to confirm this connection. Click “Next” and “Connect”.

Once your wallet is linked to Chainlist, the networks will show the “Add to MetaMask” option with your MetaMask account being displayed in the top right corner.

Click “Add to MetaMask”.

MetaMask will once again ask for your confirmation and permission to change to Polygon immediately after having added. Confirm their actions and find this extension again in the “Extensions” button on the top right corner of the browser.

If the current network shows “Polygon Mainnet”, then you have successfully connected to Polygon.

Once you have connected Chainlist to MetaMask, the steps for adding more networks will be shortened.

Search “AVAX” or “Avalanche” on the search bar. Click “Add to MetaMask”. Confirm your action on MetaMask pop-up window and you’re done!

Adding other networks are the same. You only need to look it up on Chainlist and connect them to your wallet.

💎3. Switch between networks

The process is easy. The top bar presents what network you are currently on. Click the drop-down arrow next to the network’s name. In this case, it’s “Avalanche C-Chain”. Click a network you want to switch to. For example Polygon Mainnet.

When the second screen comes up, you are in Polygon Mainnet!

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