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Outstanding Game Modes In GameFi Explained (Part 2)

8 September, 2022

 💥 GameFi, a portmanteau of “game” and “finance”, focuses on blockchain games that provide financial rewards for playing them, also referred to as “play-to-earn” games. In this sequel of the article series, we’ll keep on diving into the diverse world of gaming genres, in both traditional and GameFi. 

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💎 Turn Based Strategy Games (TBS)

Cre: Infomatique Mania

Turn-based strategy video games are strategy video games in which all actions are completed through a turn-based system, and not in real-time. This is distinguished from real-time strategy (RTS), in which all players play simultaneously. Turn-based systems work by giving each character their own turn to move, attack, use items and so on, similar to a board game. 

 TBS is also a common game genre among video games. Board games like Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic are two examples of turn-based strategy games that feature incredibly intricate gameplay.

 Example: Monkey League, My DeFi Pet, Block Duelers, DEEPSPACE,….

💎 Turn Based Tactics Games (TBT)

Cre: Age of Tanks

Turn-Based Tactics is a genre of strategy video games that through stop-action simulates the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics in generally small-scale confrontations as opposed to more strategic considerations of turn-based strategy (TBS) games. This is a specialized subgenre of Turn-Based Strategy.

 TBT gaming is characterized by the requirement that players perform their duties utilizing just the combat forces given to them. In addition, TBT gameplay typically offers a realistic (or at least plausible) depiction of military tactics and operations.

 Example: Valhalla Elementos, Wrath Of Tezca, Champions: Ascension, Age of Tanks, ….

💎 Sports

Cre: Street Runner

 Sports are video games that simulate sports or arcade-style sports. The opposing team(s) can be controlled by other real-life people or artificial intelligence. There are various sub-genres of Sports which include:

  • Racing: There are different types of racing games that the player competes against time or opponents using some means of transportation. Sub-genres include racing simulators and kart racing.

 Example: DeRace, KleeRun, Street Runner,…

  • Sports Game: Sports game emulates the playing of traditional physical sports. Some emphasize actually playing the sport, while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport. 

  Example: Monkey League,Bitspawn, APEmove, Football Battle, Rafe.Fan, Soccer Hub, Gaming Stars,…

  • Competitive: Competitive games are those that have a high competitive factor but do not represent traditional sports, such as games in which the concept is fictional and designed by the developer
  • Sports-based Fighting: This genre includes titles that fall firmly within the definitions of both the Fighting and Sports game genre, such as boxing and wrestling video games. These games are usually put in their own separate subgenres.

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