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Outstanding Game Modes In GameFi Explained (Part 3)

28 October, 2022

💫 Welcome back to the Game Modes Explanation series. In this article, we will find out more about different game genres shared by both traditional games and GameFi. Finding out what game genre one has been playing might help them to connect with similar games that they can enjoy, and further enhance their gaming experience.


Action Game is a game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, such as those involving responding time and hand-eye coordination. Player controls an avatar or a character and goes through the world to collect objects, level up, avoid obstacles, and battle enemies using their equipped skills or weapons. This large genre includes various subgenres such as shooter games, fighting games, platform games, battle royale, and more.

Example: Shrapnel, Binamon, Solchicks, …

Cre: Beng Beng Gaming

💎Shooter Game

Shooter Game, or simply Shooters, is a subgenre of Action Video Games. Players will utilize their available weapons to act from a distance. Most shooters involve violent gameplay and lethal weaponry used to damage opponents. However, some shooters, such as Splatoon, have non-violent objectives. Shooters can be categorized into three main sub-genres: First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, and Hero Shooters.

  • First-Person Shooters (FPS): FPS are played within the protagonist’s perspective; they often include a heads-up display showing key information such as the current health of the protagonist.

Example: MetaShooter, MetaOps, MetaStrike, …

  • Third-Person Shooters (TPS): TPS are played with the player’s view being behind their controlled character; they often include a heads-up display showing key information such as the current health of the protagonist.

Example: Nyan Heroes, GoldMiner, …

  • Hero Shooters: Hero Shooters are either first- or third-person multiplayer shooters that emphasize pre-designed “hero” characters, with each possessing distinctive abilities and/or weapons that are specific to them. Hero shooters strongly encourage teamwork between players on a team, guiding players to select effective combinations of hero characters and coordinate the use of hero abilities during a match.

Example: Paladins, Overwatch, Valorant, …

Cre: Metashooter

💎Tower Defense

Tower Defense is a subgenre of Strategy Games in which the goal is to defend the player’s land or constructions by arranging defensive structures or guardian characters with strategies to hinder enemies’ offensive troops or prevent them from reaching the exits, or sometimes destroy them. In modern days, many tower defense games are built with turn-based strategy features.

Example: WAGMI DEFENSE, Plant Vs Zombies, …

Cre: CryptoStache

💎Farm Game

Farm Game is a genre where the player enters the role of a farmer to manage a farm, grow vegetables and fruits, raise livestock, and own and decorate houses in their own virtual land. The in-game possession could be sold to earn game currency, and the currency is then used to upgrade farming machines, and lands and buy new items. This could be considered a casual game with simple and relaxing gameplay.

Example: HappyLand, CropBytes, …


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