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Outstanding GameFi Projects On Immutable-X

23 September, 2022

🤖 While blockchain platforms can be utilized for multiple purposes such as marketplace, financial services, games, or social networks, their high gas fees and failure probability are considerable obstacles for their development. The secondary built-in frameworks or protocols (Layer 2) are born to solve these weaknesses. And Immutable X is one of the forefront Layer-2 built-in on Ethereum that offers a more economical, faster, and more secure way to transfer NFTs. This is also the reason why many GameFi projects choose Immutable X as their platform operation. Let’s see how those new faces have grown!

💎 Standing at the top is the renown MMORPG game named Illuvium. In this world-end planet, all players role-play as survivors and embark on a journey to discover its bizarre ecosystem and immerse in thrilling battles. What’s more, Illuvium brings freedom to players by letting them custom their own playable avatars. Their market cap of $69,1 M USD is the proof of their ability to produce uniquely functional, evolving, and high production-value NFTs on the marketplaces.

Cre: illuvium

💎 One of the most popular blockchain P2E card games, Gods Unchained, is the runner-up with a $29,73 M USD market cap. While card game is a relatively new genre in the GameFi industry, they can still create a stable community with more than 500,000 members. Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained give players complete ownership over their in-game assets, giving them many chances to construct different deck and sell to other players.

Cre: Gods Unchained

💎 Sitting on the 3rd place, Guild of Guardians brings in a promising future where players can turn their passion into NFTs. This multiplayer action RPG visions a fantasy P2E world where millions of players can enjoy the adventures and participate in a massive open-world economy. The game has a market cap of $8,31 M USD.

Cre: Guild of Guardians

💫 The rest of the leaderboard includes WAGMI DEFENSE, YUMON, Ember Sword, Cyber Galz, Deviants’ Factions, Planet Quest, and Trouble Punk respectively. While action games continue to be the immortal topics and will most likely bring profit, other genres have started to adapt and improve from traditional games. Players are going to have a large variety of games keeping them busy.

🧞‍♂️ Which games on the list have attracted your attention? Please share with us!

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