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Outstanding Space Games Projects in 2022

3 November, 2022

💫 2022 welcomes a fresh wave of new GameFi projects that promised to reshape the bearish crypto markets. And many of them chose the starting point from a familiar and wonderful theme that humanity has always been inquisitive about: Outer Space. Let’s explore what kind of crazy space technologies these GameFi projects could create in their very own universe!

Cre: Djinn Guild

💎Haunted Space


Haunted Space is considered a true adventure into space powered by blockchain technology. Their developer, the IGF company, has proven to deeply care about the gamer community and understand their insights through improving 3 massive problems for most GameFi projects:

  • Low-Quality Games: What is “game” without “fun”? It quickly becomes a chore. Haunted Space is to deliver the “fun” before the “earn” built with Unreal Engine 5, promising the highest quality made with passion.
  • Uncertain Release Dates: Starting a project and not being able to foresee its completion only shows a lack of interest and less trust in the industry. Haunted Space publicizes their carefully calculated roadmap and has had their firm base developing in the past 4 years.
  • Lack of Traditional Gamers: Games are not meant to be gatekept from anyone, and so are GameFi projects. Haunted Space aims to connect both industries to the WEB3 world and share joy with everyone.

The game has two modes: Single-player and multiplayer, with different playthrough styles and thrilling adventures, awaiting. Players get to explore time and space, collect resources, and trade NFTs with the whole in-game economy in their hands. Haunted Space will release their next beta test on November 15th, be sure to grab this chance and see what’s actually “haunted” in their space!

💎Star Atlas

Cre: Coinmarketcap

Star Atlas stacks their game with state-of-the-art blockchain and DeFi technologies, high-end real-time graphics, and immersive multiplayer mode. The universe is endless, and so is the possibility within Star Atlas. Players will need to choose one faction among humankind, aliens, and robotic species to defend and develop. Fierce battles for dominance and resource conflicts are depicted through familiar concepts such as battling systems, resource management, and guild war modes. But will the depths of the universe roamed by 27th-century technology be familiar to you? Discover this combination yourself.

Currently, Star Atlas is distributing Beta Keys for early game access. This gives players an opportunity to have a peek at just what they are hiding in their own galaxy, and also a gift of gratitude for supporters who have always been with the game since early stages. Limited keys are delivered through a specific method. And the magical Djinn of the Lamp will guide their Djinnies through the gate to space!



StarLink expands the entire 3D social universe to infinity and lets users explore their own potential. This project features NFT assets of living modules, custom spacecraft, virtual real estate, and more waiting for discovery and creativity. STARL team envisions a blockchain-based economy where everyone contributes to creating a fun and adaptive environment to thrive and monetize, especially during the restriction of real-world activities.


Cre: Celestial

Celestial takes on the forever-intriguing survival theme and puts it on the most unpredictable and dangerous land: an alien planet. Explore the foreign land occupied by immeasurable threats and utilize the abundant resources gained through battles and quests to construct your own home in space. This project is a combination of GameFi, SocialFi, and NFTSwap, and has already made its way to support multiple devices, bringing space explorer to everyone.

💎Outer Ring

Cre: BeInCrypto

Outer Ring is an MMORPG video game that presents a unique investment opportunity backed up by professional and experienced enterprises. What’s more, this game lets players decide their own future in the game and its economy through a player-driven gameplay system, where resources have various creative ways to manage. Outer Ring’s “old but gold” systems together with flourishing development paths aim to cover a larger and more diverse community.

💎Dark Frontiers

Cre: Altcoin Buzz

Dark Frontiers encourages survivors in outer space to be imaginative and creative, or else they will not have a good ending. As its name is given, players roleplay as survivors and fight their way through dark, cold, and often lifeless, yet breathtakingly beautiful sceneries in space. Journeys through solar systems to find undiscovered riches, lands, and ancient relics await those who firmly established their existence with wisdom and skills.

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