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17 August, 2022

✨ Welcome to one of FOTA’s campaigns for FOTA’s biggest event this month: Game Release.✨ 

Earn your new items with just a few clicks away by joining the campaign if you already had 3 Hero NFTs. Level up your game and your heroes for the best profit. Let’s together make FOTA the land for true GameFi lovers!  

✊ How to win: 

– Join a battle in FOTA and win the game. Copy the TXT hash for the reward claim and leave it down below.

– Upload a screenshot of your FOTA gameplay with the best strategic formation you can create to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok/Medium Blog, with hashtag #FOTA #fightoftheages #BNB #BNBchain #Metaverse and tag @fightoftheages. Share the link of your post to us in this form. 

– Complete other infomation and submit here

📌 Note: The more task you do, the more chances you can get a reward! Let’s do all the tasks and increase your chance of receiving NFT!

🎁 Reward: 50 fastest accounts with the most points will receive an in-game item from 50-100$. 

🚀 May the wittiest hands win!