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Tips & Tricks for playing Crabada effectively

21 September, 2022

💎 1. Team formation can be used for Looting and Mining. While looting earns more than mining, your team must be powerful enough to loot from other players’ mining parties. The trick is to focus on strengthening one Crabada so it can carry your looting party. The team formation should consist of 1 powerful Cradaba and 2 weak ones so they can rob from the weaker parties.

💎 2. Looting means battling with the others so it requires high concentration and fast reaction, else you’ll lose the crates.
The most convenient time for looting is 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM (UTC+7) and 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM the next morning.

💎 3. For fast loot clearing, players should prepare at least 2 Surge class Crabadas + Crazor Pincer (deals damage equal to 30% of enemy’s maximum HP) + Cratos Eye (casts a shield for 2 turns).
Additionally, Prime class Crabada with AVAX Pincer (deals the most damage) + Bitcoin Eye (chance to stun enemies with normal attack) should also be in the party.

💎 4. Beginners should fully focus on Mining Expeditions until they reach level 50 and above. Looting from these levels can gain more shells (Crabada’s level-up material) from other mining parties.

💎 5. Arena competitors’ ideal showdown time should be on Sunday night. This is because AP and Leaderboards reset on Mondays at 00:00 AM. Hence players have more chances to achieve a high ranking while saving their tokens from buying turns.

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