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10 Outstanding GameFi Projects on Ethereum in 2022

6 October, 2022

πŸ’« Ethereum, a well-known decentralized, open-source blockchain is utilized for media and entertainment, including gamefi projects. Due to its constant updates and improvement from all developers and innovators, many gamefi projects have chosen this platform to draw their future paths on. Let’s get to know some of the gamefi projects on Ethereum that share the same extraordinary features.

πŸ’Ž Big Time has become a boiling hot name recently, and the game also lives up to all the hype for its amazing graphics, captivating storyline and thrilling combat. This action RPG game also promotes cooperation, as players work in teams to set foot on an adventure through space and time, uncover mysteries and put an end to malicious schemes.

Backed up by veterans in the game industry, Big Time Studios aims to introduce blockchain-based games to mainstream media, hence enrich gamefi markets. The game has raised 21M USD in two funding rounds from renowned investors, proving its abilities and potential to bring forth a triple-A blockbuster gamefi project.

Currently, the game is still in beta testing and accepts early access through distributing different types of pass. Djinn Guild is collaborating with Big Time devs to distribute free Ruby pass during their Airdrop Campaign. Get a taste of how the rupture of space and time is like by participating in [this campaign]

Cre: Big Time

πŸ’Ž The ambitious project Illuvium also adopts the popular world-end adventure trope, but with their own unique directions. Illuvium team focus on improving one critical weakness for all gamefi projects: not fun to play. Players will roleplay as survivors to explore a foreign planet filled with mysteries and danger alongside the native creatures, Illuvials, as their companions.

Illuvium has successfully ended their funding round with 5M USD, led by several of the longest-running venture capital funds in Defi business. Their Land Sale event also earned a total of over 72M USD worth of NFT, a remarkable number for a quality project.

Illuvium is currently running its second private beta testing that focuses more on the Arena system together with new features and improvements. Latest updates and future events will be delivered to you exclusively by Djinn Guild, please stay tuned for more to come!

Cre: iLLuvium

πŸ’Ž The virtual life in the metaverse is attracting massive investment. Decentraland is one of the prominent projects that focused on developing a decentralized virtual reality (VR) platform, where players can perform similar real life activities inside a fascinating and colorful space through their virtual avatars, and of course, enjoy monetizing experiences and vibrant marketplace.

Cre: Decentraland

πŸ’Ž The Sandbox offers a virtual space for almost infinite creativity where players can create just about anything. Living up to its title as one of the most popular blockchain projects, The Sandbox lets players immerse in their own world building and perform trading activities, with actual ownership to their assets, in the game’s large and lively marketplace.

Cre: The Sandbox

πŸ’Ž For those who like to have fun in the mining business, Alien Worlds is the universe for them. The game is growing rapidly as a Defi NFT metaverse project where players can play and collect distinguished digital items. The gameplay and monetary methods are pretty straightforward and friendly to newbies, yet there are so many more mysteries to discover in the process of mining and collecting.

Cre: Alien World

πŸ’Ž The first 4x (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) MMO strategy game, League of Kingdoms (LOKA), lets players govern their own kingdom and dominate the surrounding area through fierce battles. League of Kingdoms creates a balanced environment where players can enjoy both gameplay experience through careful governance, resource management and NFT trading markets.

Cre: Loka

πŸ’Ž For a wider variety of game genres, Gods Unchained offers a card game type with various tactics and play styles where players can let loose their creative spirit on constructing decks and compete with the others. Moreover, Gods Unchained gives players entire control over all their in-game assets unlike other Free-to-Play games. This broadens the in-game markets and keeps up the hype for its community.

Cre: God Unchained

πŸ’Ž The newmultiplayer action RPG game, Guild of Guardians, has clearly left an impression for their unique heroes, combat strategies, world building and cooperative spirit. Guild of Guardians has a clear vision of a fantasy P2E world where players can form adventure groups and explore the vast open-world economy.

Cre: Guild Of Guardians

πŸ’Ž In a world where technological advancements have evolved to merge with living beings, heroes from 12 races battle to assert dominance. SIDUS Heroes provides a thrilling universe of constant danger that challenges hardcore players. Multiple gaming experiences such as interstellar exploration and political wars will be conveyed with the most astonished graphics and game mechanics.

Cre: Sidus

πŸ’Ž Katana Inu brings us an interactive open world with high-end graphics and lifelike visuals. Each character has a unique skill set and hidden abilities that can be unlocked through in-game challenges, PvP mode with up to 5 members a team will give players a fresh experience of 3D combat style. All skins, caps, special powers and more are also tradable NFTs. 

Cre: Katana Inu

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