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Top 4 Outstanding Fundraising GameFi Projects Recorded in October

21 October, 2022

🔥 Despite the continuing bearish market of cryptocurrencies, the GameFi industry still stands as a dominant force in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field. Overcoming their first saturation phase, these GameFi projects have come back with a new professional and serious look, together with a clear development path. For this reason, venture capitalists still consider this industry a promising one with trustworthy growth. Fundraising rounds have been successfully executed thanks to their massive investment. Let’s discover what potential these four GameFi projects have to gain trust and support from venture capitalists.

💎 Homa

Cre: Homa

Homa brings out a fresh idea of data-driven mobile gaming tools that helps third-party developers to build their own games. Creators who are full of ideas yet limited in instruments can rely on Homa to convert their creations into commercial hits. This gaming technology lab provides a software development kit with built-in analytics features, which helps to track various metrics, including monetization metrics. Developers can build their own fanbase for their game with proper control of the community’s growth.

During the Series B funding round led by Quadrille Capital and Headline, the lab has successfully raised 100M USD. Prestigious names such as Northzone and Fabric Ventures also offer support for Homa’s on-track development path. Living up to their expectations, the developers aim to make Homa a metaverse where players and creators are interconnected and gain ownership over their characters and digital access.

💎 Horizon

Cre: Horizon

Horizon is the developer of many potential projects like Sequence – a powerful web3 project building tool, Skyweaver – a graphic-intensive blockchain NFT trading card game, and Niftyswap – a decentralized and secured marketplace powered by Sequence. They vision a new dimension where internet economies are friendly, fun, dynamic, and beneficial for all those who want to try.

The developers have raised 40M USD in Series A funding round. This impressive number was achieved with the lead of Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital, along with the participation of even traditional gaming corporations like Ubisoft (UBI) and Take-Two Interactive (TTWO). The fundraising rounds have also gained considerable attention with various leaders and CEOs from famous GameFi projects taking parts in, further establishing their faith in Horizon’s directions.

💎 Delysium

Cre: Delysium

Delysium takes on a realistic open-world powered by AI technology and entirely player-owned MMO game. Users are free to design a variety of custom physical items, narrative content, and native AI. Delysium team’s ambition is to further stretch their AI power to construct Delysium Metaverse and expand web3 experiences, starting from enhanced AI-based MetaBeings with their ability to sense changes in digital environments, giving users independent roles and dynamic game modes.

A total of 10M USD announced by the team after their funding round are proof of the project’s desirable aspects. Anthos Capital led the funding round along with the participation of the prominent Immutable and FTX Ventures. Elysium shared their growth plan to be the acceleration to open-source and decentralized publishing structure for web3 games.

💎 AlterVerse

Cre: AlterVerse

AlterVerse is an ambitious metaverse game project with the concept of an advanced technology world. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, this game is a breathtaking amalgamation of real-world journeys and cutting-edge gaming systems. Players can truly live two lives at the same time while delving inside the interconnected digital worlds, meet up with avatars and enjoy gaming experience.

Having successfully secured the fundraising process, the AlterVerse team announced Sky City pre-alpha access and playable demo, which is the beginning of their 4 core phases: Sky City, Outpost, Rekt, and City Servers. No information for the raised numbers has been disclosed. However, looking at the big names like Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, Ankr, EnjinStarter, and Baselayer Capital, it is made clear that the development team was entrusted with the mission to bring about the never-before-seen parallel world experience.

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