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Up Your Game With DJINN Gaming House

5 August, 2022

Check out the latest 3D design of DJINN Gaming House. At DJINN Guild, we offer an absolutely advanced, private area for competitive gaming training session. With the best facilities for not only our Guild members but also our partners and customers, they can experience top-tier utilities such as:

+ Exercise Area

+ Recreation Area

+ Food and Beverage Lounge

+ Training Area

+ Relaxation Zone

With the total area of 1750m2, DJINN Gaming House is the first-ever luxurious GameFi Esport Facility in Vietnam, and we are looking forward to establishing more buildings in other parts of the world. In the upcoming months, our communities will have the exclusive chance to visit the Gaming House online via our website.

📺 You can watch the video on our official Youtube channel: Here

Stay tuned for the opening of DJINN Gaming House!

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