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23 August, 2022

🔥FOTA has just been released on several platforms and is earning itself significant attention from the market as well as the GameFi-enthusiast community.

👇Below are some tips to help you get better and win the battles:

🕹 Game tips:

– Use the 1, 2, 3 keys to choose Heroes more quickly.

– Use Q, W, E keys to choose a skill to cast more quickly

– Double click on the skill icon to cast the skill more quickly.

– How to arrange formation:

– The middle is Tank (bear the first dame, defensive item attached).

– The left is DPS (bear the last dame, offensive item attached).

– The right is Healer or auxiliary DPS (with the second dame, debuff items attached).

– Items with high Dodge stats are strong and useful, they reduce significant damage and buy more time for players

=> Prioritize this item for the roll of Tank.

– Despite being a Magician or Support class, high damage can only be achieved through physical dame => Attach Attack Damage/ Attack Speed items. The dame of the skill increases based on the level of the skill (not available).

– Energy increases with each stage, beware of unintentionally using up all energy.

– If you can’t pass a difficult stage, you can return to the previous stages to grind money & up level.

Assassin has the highest basic index but the highest attack speed, attaching items with high Speed stat will result in a strong combat ability.

Warrior has the highest Armor and blood stat index => suitable for the roll of Tank.

Boss has the ability to perform skills, so be mindful of when to use the stun/resistant skill in order to win easier.

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