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What you need to know before playing Revoland

7 August, 2022

For new gamers, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of Revoland before joining battles and yield victory. Below is some tips for our players to prepare yourself for Revoland and get ready to take on the Revoland universe:

  1. Understand the skills and move sets of all Heroes to know how to counter enemies and win the battle. 
  2. Each game mode will favor a specific class over others. (e.g. The support role is strong in Fruit Bash mode, but it is extremely weak in Bounty Hunter mode). This indicates a need to carefully choose the most suitable Class and Hero before entering the game.
  3. Focus on the objective and the goal, don’t be too eager to fight.
  4. Exploitation of visibility advantages such as dusty environment or obstacles such as walls to turn the table and win the battle.
  5. Use SP skill at the right time, don’t use it indiscriminately.
  6. Each Hero will need the appropriate Upgrade Stats. This requires researches to be conducted.

Have these tips been useful to you guys as players? Are there any tips that you would love to share with us and other fellow gamers? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think!

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