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3 August, 2022

As the GameFi industry has been emerging, gaming guilds play a significant role in bringing this sector closer to mass adoption. Though the benefits brought by guilds are undeniable, new gamers still hesitate to join gaming guilds due to various reasons.

To help you gain a better understanding of gaming guilds and the potential benefits they may bring, below are 3 core benefits of joining gaming guilds.

  1. A supportive community
    Joining blockchain-based gaming guilds is a great way to connect and interact with other link-minded crypto enthusiasts who share your passion for gaming. Having a comprehensive gaming platform that is supportive will not only give new gamers technical or financial support but also will embrace their sense of belonging and gain improvements in terms of necessary gaming skill set and core competencies.
  2. Growth opportunity
    Besides financial support, gaming guilds offer both technical and emotional support for new players and get them ready to join the blockchain-based game industry. Joining a healthy, organic gaming community that is supportive will ensure a brighter future for those who want to further their career in professional gaming.
    And not to forget, a gaming guild will enable more players to enter the game without financial obligation as well as provide greater opportunities for the GameFi enthusiasts of the guild.
  3. Increase efficiency in gaming
    Gaming guilds with their supportive community will allow you to strengthen your gaming skills as they provide great gaming strategies. Being a guild member will ultimately make players feel more control over their (virtual) life because they’re achieving victories and their character is advancing. As your skill set is enhanced, your rank will rise, hence earning better profit. With that being said, joining a guild can be a lateral move for fulfilling self-determination and significantly increase efficiency in playing blockchain-based games.

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